Honda:Made in Britain.

Well it’s all  go go go right now. 

I graduated not even 2 weeks ago and it already feels like an age since I crossed that stage in my (Harry Potter) robes.

Last week I found out I had been shortlisted in the Honda:Made in Britain Competition, celebrating British Craft.

After I entered I used to sit and watch what felt like hundreds of new pictures emerging on the site each week it. There was an incredible amount of talent going on, which of course made me a little nervous but excited at the same time, to see all things great that are coming from Britain.

   From one Jeweller to the next I must admit there is one entry I am sad to see didn’t make the Shortlist as her beautiful cuttlefish bone castings are absolutely amazing, however I am sure she will do very well in the future. Ros Millar  was at One Year On this year exhibiting at New Designers.  I was exhibiting at New Designers this year also but as a new graduate (along with the other 1500 hundred or so) and as I was strolling around One Year On I immediately recognised Ros’s work from the HondaMIB Competition.

 Good luck Ros I love your rings.

However CONGRATULATIONS all shortlisters! We did it!

There is a wide range of work that made it into the shortlisting from our ever so lovely Custard Cream Cushions by Nikki McWilliams (a fellow DJCAD Graduate) to those adorable little Cuddly Bears. Both of these items I would happily steal if it were not for that the fact that I am a recent graduate that has the predictable low bank account of a recent student. I also like the Red Briefcase it intrigues me and I want to know more.

Thanks Honda for enlightening us to some of the great making skills around the UK. It’s always good to see there’s still a whole load of creative people out there.

Good Luck Everyone.


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