Hinting Season.

With Christmas just around the corner, it’s time for us all to begin that subtle hinting in hopes of getting the best present this year; a gift that you’ll love and cherish for years to come. Although I am all for giving, as I do love trawling shops and websites to find the perfect present, I always appreciate a teensy weensy hint to make sure I know the gift I’m giving this year will go down swimmingly. So now it’s your turn to join #hintingseason5 gold rings



Postal Order dates have been posted on my Shop Website as a guidance to ensure you find a little Christmas Sparkle nestled in your stocking this year.



Lead them in the right direction this 2014 and enjoy yourself in hinting season.



1)Leave Website tabs open ‘accidentally’ for them to see.

2) Make a Pinterest board and wish list. Again, leave open.

3)Leave ‘Post it’ note with little scribbles of shops you like – lead them in the right direction

4)Tell them where to go and how to find it. (Not so subtle but proven effective)




STIPPLE RUBY GOLD long dart Silver fleeting Stipple EARRINGS gOLD sAPPHIRE Stipple Earrings Peridot with gold


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