What to look out for at #treat #popup

So the FCA&C #treat #popup extravaganza is almost upon us in association with Craft Scotland. We are on the countdown to the event and couldn’t be more excited. Put these dates in your diary to ensure you don’t miss out:
Saturday 16th November 10am-5pm.
Sunday 17th November 12-5pm
Monday 18th November 10am to 5pm.
All Saints Church Hall
North Castle Street
St Andrews
KY16 9BG.
On the Monday #treat will be having a #meetyourmaker  session were you, the public can come and hear the designers talk about their work, their processes and why they do what they do, with a question and answer time at the end for any of those questions you’ve always wanted to ask.

The artists and designers taking part in the event this  year are as follows:

Cefyn Burgess
Gavin Burnett
Roisin Connolly (me)
Lowri Davies
Zoe Duthie
Hilary Grant
Vicky Higginson
Joanne MacFadyen
Emma Macleod
Angela Pointon

Details and interviews of all the makers involved can be found here

Look forward to seeing some familiar  (and new) faces.


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