Look Like Love- Pop-Up People.Been and gone.

”On a leafy street in SE15, set half-way between the grittiness of Peckham, and the affluence of East Dulwich, we set about opening our very first pop-up exhibition on Friday 13th…”

   Pop-up People has been and gone. The lovely and exciting two weeks of exhibiting, workshops and all  things creative are now sadly at an end(ish)- well in the physical sense but they’re still online. Some of the exciting pieces can still be found online all across the Look Like Love Website. So if you (like myself) couldn’t make it down to the physical event, do not fret that you have missed out on a creative bargain, from new, up and coming talent you can still find them HERE!. *hurrah*
….and before I forget, Big Thanks to Kate and Eden
What a wonderful event you Look Like Love(rs) produced. As previously mentioned I was unable to make it down to London town and see the wonders personally but from all the photos cropping up it is clear to see, it was a wonderful sight indeed.
Photo courtesy of Look Like Love.

The 6 Designers (including myself) taking part were:

 Ben Phe – Illustrator, newest edition to Look Like Love and member of Art School Disco…

Michael Carroll –  a Sustainable Furniture Designer.

Sandy Powell – Textile Designer who works with felt and recycled leather.

Kayleigh Hadley – Lyric-inspired and movie-loving illustrator is currently experimenting with lino-prints for a new collection.

CM Carter – Illustrator and all-round doodler.

…and myself-Jeweller. 

To find out more about how the event went ,you need to look no further. You can find a link HERE  
….and HERE! 
(Kayleigh Hadley is ever so good at putting links to each Designer too.)

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