twitter: the personal profile

So for a long while I was that person that may have been ever so slightly *cough* alot *cough* against twitter. I was also that girl against ‘fancy’ phones for a while and now I’m longing for my upgrade of an iPhone 4s or Samsung Galaxy . Sometimes I just worred there was too much technology going around-we’re constantly online but during my final year of University after an interesting lecture about the importance of social networking I jumped on the twitter bandwagon and gave it a go. I might worry about us being online too much but I have grown to love updating my blog,twitter,professional Facebook page or online portfolio. In a competitive industry such as the Design world it’s good practice to keep updating your work-keeping it fresh. By doing so and following others is a good practice to keep yourself motivated.

…and as you may have guessed I am now a big twitter convert. Fact.

    I am by no means the best at tweeting and on the scale of  the number of followers I have,I’m still barely known but every day you make useful and exciting new connections, a tweet here, a tweet there, a RT or an #ff. It is the perfect tool for networking.

  But how do you make your page stand out from the rest?  I play about with my profile design…

  I’ve found I always warm to a twitter profile that has taken the extra step to personalise their page- generally in the realm of ‘twitter land’ I am looking for/coming across Artists and Designers so we should have that little creativity, no? The two things I always love to see are visuals and a website/blog/professional Facebook link on their twitter so I can go nosy at wonderful Design and Art.

If you’re creative, get creative with your twitter?

…but this is just the ramblings of one tweeter, who loves playing around with photographs.

p.s Of course the topics in which you tweet are just as important.  I just like visual whether it be simplistic or  a bombardment of colour.  

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