…the ‘tidy’ part of my Room? My Darkroom Bedroom.

fairy light, fairy light, fairy light.

    So I finally got around to converting some part of my house into a Darkroom *hurrah*so that I can etch to my hearts desire. The room most fitting was actually…my bedroom! I do have the shed outside where I can play with fire and acid but it was just far too light to be an effective darkroom aswell.However with the aid of some little red fairy lights and a  heavy blind, the ‘darkroom bedroom’ is perfect.It is both easy to convert for a half hour of exposing photographs and an be converted into a bedroom instantly. I don’t even need to get out of my Tartan pyjamas while I work.

My room where all the ‘exposing of images’ takes place.

Hello Lightbox.

With thanks to the lovely Kate of Vanilla Ink for letting me borrow her lightbox, (I promise I am keeping very good care of it) work is now moving a at more steady pace.

Having now created this wee darkroom right at my fingertips I actually found myself getting up at 7am and exposing some images before breakfast. Now that is commitment to making…but of course also due to deadlines and it being the only time I can makes things in between waitressing, sleeping and eating.

The £4 fairylights, both useful, effective and festive.

After a hards day work one should always treat themself to something a little special. My treat this week was a banana muffin with coffee butter icing. It was delicious.


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