Today is 10/11/11.
…and  tomorrow is 11/11/11.
(This date is important and memorable for all of us,of  which I am sure many of will be aware of.) 

…But there is also another reason I am highlighting tomorrow; New Visuality, the latest Exhibition to come from According to McGee opens it doors.

”From major UK art shows we have culled the elite, the top 21 of the most collectable young artists of the year. We work at the cultural coalfield so you don’t have to. Trust us. Either your collection starts here or it is augmented by new artists who create art that will continue to make your life more interesting than Art. According to McGee, Art is a force of nature, a life style, a gift.

Roisin Connolly / Nicola Crawford / Maria Puga / Helen Dobson – Opulent Ethics / Gin Durham / Eleanor Osborne / Mirjana Smith / Agnes Stevens / Samantha Wilson / Masazumi Yamazaki / Malin Ohlsson / Jon Hopper / Rebecca Rasmussen / Amy Dransfield / Adele Beuscher / Katy Jennings / Angie Thirkell / Louise Collis / Karen Perry / Rosie Milner / Rhiannon Williams / Daniela Cardillo”

Here we are presented with a list of exciting new artists that are emerging in the UK right now and caught the eye of The McGee’s as they went around this years collection of Major Art Shows.
I had attempted a small amount of googling to try and discover what the other 20 Artists are bringing to the table but then paused… Tomorrow I am embarking on a little 600 mile round trip to York to see the Private View and the Art Collection for myself. I am both excited like a small child at christmas and utterly nervous at the innovative work and skill that is going to be present. I know that even though I have graduated with a skill in Jewellery Design I am still learning and I will always be learning when it comes to making and it is always hard when you begin comparing your works to others (but lets not compare shall we). According to McGee,have done the hard so lets just see what tomorrow brings. 

The Details:
New Visuality: 11/11/11- 30/01/12

According to McGee

8 Tower Street,

York, YO1 9SA

You can find them on twitter here.
You  can find them on Facebook here.


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