Octagon @ Duddingston Village.

So a short while ago, dear friend Jessica Howarth thought…

‘Hey let’s do something in the Fringe, a little exhibition, we’ll have some Jewellery, Textiles,Photography, Printmaking, Illustration and more and I know the perfect place.’

A few weeks later Octagon @ Duddingston Village came about in the beautiful Dr.Neils Garden.

So what is Octagon you say, well it’s an exhibition showcasing a collection of work from recent Scottish Art and Design Graduates.

Come along to see an exciting range of work produced by artists, illustrators, jewellers and textile designers. Make a day of joining us at the exhibition set in the beautiful surroundings of Dr Neils Garden and Duddingston Village which is home to Scotland’s oldest pub, the Sheep Heid Inn, round the corner from our exhibition.
You need the real info here goes:

Opening Hours:Preview Thursday 6pm – 9pm
Friday 10am – 5pm
Saturday 10am – 6pm

Featuring work from:

Yvonne Billimore     

Iona Brown               
Naomi Howarth       
Hannah Imlach        
Jamie Johnson         
Jenny Macgregor     
Filipa Oliveira          
Rosslyn Oman         
Emma Taylor  
Al White                  
Come one, come all.


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