The South of France, a little adventure.

A little taster for your eyes…
awaiting the tour de france, near pezenas

I haven’t posted in a wee while due to my venturing over to the South of France. Like the young traveller ( I want to be) I found myself situated in between the vineyards of Southern France either drinking wine on the balcony reading my book. I would be found eating olives by night and croissants by day or adventuring through the beautiful gorges, diving into the water pools to cool down in the French heat -that is so unfamiliar to this Scottish girl.

I have returned to Scotland with a ‘to do’ list the size of my arm and a mountain load of emails to reply to but thought I should pop in a picture of two of my travels to give a a taster of my little french holiday.

the view from our bedarieux balcony

To be fully blogged and sketchbooked later.
All Photographs (c) Roisin Connolly 2011

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